Surface and Microdermals


Over the past 4 years microdermal piercings or some times called “single point piercings” are becoming more and morepopular.  Here at Piercology we have been keeping up with current piercing trends and have perfected the dermal piercings. Microdermal piercing are performed under a different procedure and have a different aftercare then normal piercings. The chance for migration on a microdermal piercing are a little higher then a normal piercing.  We at Piercology take great PRIDE in knowing we have had a very low migration rate.  The major thing most people need to understand with a microdermalpiercing is they are semi permanent, once the piercing is healed it takes another piercing procedure to remove the piercing,it can’t just be taken out by yourself.  With microdermal piercings there is a greater risk of having a slight scar, the size of thescar depends on how well you take care of the piercing and how your own body heals.

If you would like more information on microdermal piercings please stop in the studio and we will be glad to help you makeyour decision.

Chest Surface Piercing


Hip Dermal


Facial Dermal


Nape Piercing