We pride ourselves in supplying only the best quality jewelry to our clientele.  All of our jewelry is made of implant grade materials, and comes with a lifetime guarantee on the manufacturing.
We supply a wide variety of titanium, stainless steel and 14k yellow, rose and white gold options, from incredible manufacturers such as LeRoi, Body Vision Los Angeles, Body Gems, Industrial Strength, Anatometal, Neometal, and more!

Why You Should Invest in High Quality Body Jewelry:
  • All of our jewelry is made of implant grade materials, which means they are composed of metals specifically manufactured to be worn IN the body – the same materials as hip implants or braces are made out of – No need to worry about tarnishing or becoming dull over years!
    (Lower quality jewelry tends to have a higher nickel content, which can breakdown in the body and cause allergic reaction.)
  • You don’t have to worry about your jewelry having scratches or pits in it.
    (Lower quality jewelry tends to have a poor polish, which can harbor bacteria and cause irritation in your piercing).
  • Our jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee on the manufacturing.
    (Unlike low quality pieces, which you typically end up buying over, and over. With our jewelry, if anything breaks, we can send it back to the manufacturer to get fixed completely free of charge for your entire life!)
  • Most of our options for nostrils, earlobes, helix piercings, and more, are interchangeable.
    This means that instead of having to purchase an entirely new set of jewelry when you become bored with the jewelry you currently have, you can just purchase the ends to switch up your look! Convenient, AND it saves you money in the long run!
  • All of our jewlery is custom fit to YOU!
    Everyone’s bodies are different sizes. Just like shoes, we need to wear properly fitted jewelry in order to have a happy piercing! We ensure the best fit possible for your unique anatomy with every piercing we do.
  • We can custom order literally anything you want!
    There are very few reputable online jewelry manufacturers, which means finding jewelry that is the perfect fit for you can be difficult. If you find a piece that you truly love, from one of our jewelry manufacturers, come in to the studio for a jewelry sizing, and we can custom order you the piece of your dreams! Check out some of our jewelry below!
    Please call the studio for more information on custom ordering jewelry.

Proudly Supplying Jewelry by These Manufacturers:

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