Staff – Get to Know Us!

Patrick McCarthy – Owner/Professional Body Piercer

Patrick is the owner and founder of Piercology, Inc. He started piercing in 1991 and saw the need for a different type of Body Piercing Studio. A studio for those interested in body modification who wanted a professional atmosphere that specialized in and was dedicated solely to piercing. To this day Piercology is the only Piercing only studio in Columbus. A studio that would be 100% clean, sterile and safe.
He was the first elected president of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers), serving from 1999 to 2002. He also assisted in writing the piercing laws for the state of Ohio and is currently rewriting the laws for the state of Ohio.
“After piercing for 20 years many people ask me how I have done it and if you love your job like I love piercing it is easy.  After piercing for so many years it’s been fun piercing children of my once teenage pierces.  Many of them saying ‘Pat, you are our family piercer we would have nobody but you pierce our children’.  Even though I don’t pierce every day like I did for so many years, you can always make an appointment with me.
“I truly believe I have the BEST staff and the best most experienced piercers in Columbus working for me, and I hope you stop in and see why for the last 17 years Piercology has been rated the best.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask a person with a piercing and chances are we pierced them.”

Dylan Smith – Professional Body Piercer

Dylan has been with Piercology since 2013. He started his career working at the counter. In 2014 he accepted an apprenticeship at Piercology and has been working to bring his clients the best service he can ever since. In 2015 he attended the 20th annual APP conference to continue his piercing education. His apprenticeship ended in April 2016 and has been piercing full time ever since. Dylan is dedicated to giving Columbus the best piercing experience possible.

Dylan married the love of his life in May 2017 and is a proud father of a very curious four year old. In his spare time he enjoys practicing music and spending time with his family.

Christine Hanley – Professional Body Piercer

Hello all! My name is Christine and I’m from Santa Rosa, Ca.  I’m an eccentric alien girl with a profound passion for piercing and body art. I’ve been in the industry four years and recently became an APP Member. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else! Some of my favorite piercings include bridges, surface work, and all ear projects with bougie gold pieces. I also like to paint, do make up and photography in my free time.  I love all things horror and Halloween is my favorite holiday.  My life pretty much revolves around art, adventures and my fur babies.  My motto is the glass is always half full- make the best of it.  I’m a dreamer and a free spirit and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nick Strange – Professional Body Piercer

I started my piercing career in 2014. Before that, I was a traveling musician and sideshow performer. I am a transplant from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Outside of piercing, I love camping, kayaking, and anything outdoors. I am also an avid gardener. I love pampering my husky, Sassy, and showing her off to anyone that will let me.

Hazel Ashe – Jewelry Specialist

Hazel is our in-studio counter Fae and identifies as non-binary. (Uses they/them pronouns) They have been in the industry for roughly three years and has been with Piercology for one year.  Hazel most enjoys helping clients curate a look that  fits their aesthetic and lifestyle. Anodizing is their favorite way to jazz up any piercing with a bit of color. Their favorite gemstone is Peridot especially with White Gold.  Hazel wants you to know that they will love you forever for a good cheese plate & artisan bread.

Katelyn Maloney – Jewelry Specialist

Meet Katelyn, a native to Ohio, she was born and raised in Lancaster. An avid animal lover, Katelyn  graduated from OSU with a BA in Animal Sciences and loves to spend her free time with her 19yo Quarter Horse gelding, rescue Leopard Gecko, and Axolotl.
She joined the Piercology team in June ‘18 and has a passion for helping clients find their perfect piece of jewelry or helping them build the jewelry of their dreams. She loves discussing gemstones (her faves are Grey Sapphires and Amethyst) and setting up unusual piercings. Her passion for decorating doesn’t stop with the clients, Katelyn is also our resident decorator for the holidays!

Camille Christenson – Jewelry Specialist

Camille is one of our highly trained counter staff. She loves assisting clients who have a partial vision of what they wish to do, creating ear projects and unique multi-piercing layouts.
Her favorite piercings is her bridge, and double conch piercings. She loves rose gold and her favorite stones are garnet and rainbow moonstone.
Camille is also our resident photographer and photo editor; she was self-taught in digital photography 10 years before graduating with a BA in Photography. Her studies and experience encompass 35mm film, medium and large format photography, black & white and color darkroom printing, and alternative and cameraless processes; as well as studies in theory, psychology and optics relating to the perception of photographic mediums.

Kathleen White- Jewelry Specialist

Our newest face at the front, Kathleen has been working at our counter for over 6 months. She has the utmost passion for curating beautiful jewelry sets for our clients. Her favorite piercing is the tongue, and yellow gold is her go-to. Diamonds are her best friend! She is a huge fan of 1990’s/2000’s aesthetic in body jewelry. Her favorite part of being a jewelry specialist is being able to find the perfect, customized statement piece that you’ve always wanted. When she is not styling clients at the studio, Kathleen studies Undergraduate Film at the Ohio State University and is a freelance model.