It is impossible to give exact pricing over the phone or even here until you come into the studio and pick the exact jewelry you want. It is also very important to have a TRAINED piercer look at your anatomy to make sure you get the correct style and shape, remember: everyone’s bodies are different. We have a wide variety of jewelry to choose from, for a sneak peak, check out this page!

Piercology is working on new discounts for our customers, at the present time we will only be offering discounts that are stated below, and always your vip card is worth 10% off. We will not combine discounts on top of discounts, but will give you the best discount for that day.




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Jewelry prices can change from time to time depending on the jewelry company the standard jewelry is ordered from. All our jewelry is made of implant grade material, and has a lifetime guarantee on the manufacturing.

For more information on high quality jewelry, and the manufacturers we supply from, click here!

PiercingPiercing FeeJewelry (Add to Piercing Fee)
Ear Lobe$20.00Base Jewelry: Rings $23 / Studs $30
Ear Cartilage$25.00Base Jewelry: Rings $23 / Studs $30
Daith$30.00Base Jewelry: Circular Barbell $32 / Captive Bead Ring $23
Forward Helix$30.00Base Jewlery: Studs $23
Conch$30.00Base Jewelry: Rings $23 / Studs $23
Tragus$30.00Base Jewelry: Studs $23
Rook$30.00Base Jewelry: Curved Barbell $30
Nostril$30.00Base Jewelry: Rings $23 / Studs $23
Lip / Labret / Philtrum / Monroe$35.00Base Jewelry: Studs $30
Tongue$35.00Base Jewelry: Barbell $30
Eyebrow$30.00Base Jewelry: Curved Barbell $30
Industrial$45.00Base Jewelry: Barbell $30
Navel$35.00Base Jewelry: Curved Barbell $30
Nipple (Per Nipple)$35.00Base Jewelry: Barbell $30
Orbital$45.00Base Jewelry: Captive Bead Ring $30
Septum$35.00Base Jewelry: Captive Bead Ring $23 / Circular Barbell $32
Surface Anchor$35.00Base Jewelry: Anchor Foot + High Polish Disc End $35
Surface Bar$45.00Base Jewelry: Surface Bar + High Polish Disc End $40
Vertical/Horizontal Clitoral Hood$35.00Base Jewelry: Curved Barbell $30
Prince Albert$35.00Base Jewelry: Captive Bead Ring $30
Christina$35.00Base Jewelry: Curved Barbell $30
Outer/Inner Labia$35.00Base Jewelry: Captive Bead Ring $30
Triangle$45.00Base Jewelry: Captive Bead Ring: $30
Hafada (Scrotum)$45.00Base Jewelry: Barbell $30
Guiche$35.00Base Jewelry: Captive Bead Ring $40
Lorum$35.00Base Jewelry: Barbell $30
Frenum$35.00Base Jewelry: Barbell $30

Every piercing is anatomy specific, when we are considering piercing our clients, we need to take into account that everyone has different anatomy. Some clientele do not have anatomy that can accommodate certain piercings – If you are unsure if you can get a certain piercing, come in for your free anatomy assessment! We would be happy to find you the perfect piercing for you!